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Free Puzzles for Magazines

Here are Teazel we think that puzzles are entertaining and more people should take time to have a bit of play. As part of the promotion of our mobile games we provide a limited number of puzzles (for FREE) to publications in return for an agreed printed byline.
This allows us to 'get the word' out about our puzzles to people who would otherwise be difficult to advertise to, and allows magazine the benefit of affordable (FREE) quality puzzles for their readers. It also has these additional benefits.

  • Page of reliable and entertaining content
  • Broad audience appeal
  • Potential for premium adjacent advertising slots

Puzzles are provided in easy to use PDF/txt documents that can be included into your page layout with minimal work.

If you run a local magazine and would like to include Crossword or Codeword puzzles please contact us as info (@) teazel.com

Below are a some examples of the magazines we have provided puzzles for.

  • Bristol Nine Community Magazine

    The Bristol Nine is a community magazine published each month and delivered free to the residents of the BS9 postal district in north Bristol. Printed in full colour and in a handy A5 format. Teazel provides the Crosswords & Codewords puzzles free of charge in return for an agreed byline. Click on a puzzle image to see our puzzle in the magazine.

BS9 Teazel Crossword

The Bristol Nine

BS9 Teazel Crossword

Crossword in 'The Bristol Nine'

BS9 Teazel Codewords

Codeword in 'The Bristol Nine'