Teazel Ltd


Teazel have previously done bespoke apps and services for Three, France Telecom (EE), and Motorola, to name a few.

Currently we are mostly focused on our own product/IP however are are open to offers. Our golden tips would be the ones below.

Things to consider about an app/service ideas

If you want us to write an app it is useful to consider the following:

  • Who is the market - do you know who wants it? And does that include you or someone you actually know?
  • App Discovery (how you going to get people to find the app)
  • What is the minimum viable product
  • Have you checked for competition/existing apps - have you determined the following
    (a) do they make money
    (b) how sure about (a) are you?
    (c) really are you sure about (a) and (b)
    (d) does their app work well and will yours be better?
    (e) Was it hard to find the competition? This is vital info for your app discoverability.